Head-Line Communication Limited projects

Probably our most expansive single project was the development of Reeltime College, which ran from 1995 until 2005. During this time the platform was responsible for teaching over 450,000 learners, predominatly newcomers to the world of computing. Reeltime was the culmination of years of research into new methods of unmoderated training (skills acquisition in the absence of a physical teacher). Along the way we made several discoveries about the way learners behave in a wholly unmoderated environment, and were obliged to develop a new theory of cognitive development appropriate to the field of independent learning which the internet has now made into an inevitable reality.

A sample testimonial appears alongside, quoting one learner's reaction to the system.

As well as Reeltime College the company has been involved in a number of client projects, many of which remain commercially confidential (meaning we are unable to discuss them here), but a brief summary of our benchmark projects appears below.

Benchmark projects

Date Title Description
Prior to 1980 Communication projects Production of technical documents for clients – including a redesign of the workshop manual for the Chieftan tank!
1980-1985 Product support literature "Reference manuals" for a range of then hi-tech instruments including British Telecom and Amstrad.
1985-1995 Badged and republishers Focus on providing OEM development for high-profile names wishing to publish innovative products under their own brand name, including The Sunday Times, Acorn computers, Sanyo, and others.
1995-2005 Reeltime College 450,000 users, following independent learning courses at home and in local training centres.
2005-2011 Client projects Range of client projects, including development of the blueprint for the UK's online driving theory test.
2012 to date Research projects Range of client-based and in-house education research projects.

Just a note to say how pleased I am that I took the step of doing the Reeltime College ICT training course in computers. I found the course fun and easy to follow. No large, bulky manuals to plough through, just a disc and a half an hour of my time every other day. The convenience and flexibility all helped to make me stick to the course and follow it through. Within a very short time I had established a good basic understanding and developed my own short cuts. Most of all my confidence in computer skills greatly exceeded my expectations, so much so that I am now considered the computer "wizz" at home. I know that I could apply for a job and not worry too much about using a computer. I also find that my curiosity to know more has increased and I am still learning about computers right now! I highly recommend (already have!) this course to anyone who wants to learn from home at their own pace, in their own time. Many thanks