Welcome to Head-Line Communication Limited

Head-Line Communication Ltd is an education research and design company specialising in the development of innovative training and learning materials. We have over 30 years' experience creating education and training projects for organisations including Capita, JHP Group, British Telecom, The Sunday Times, National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company, Booktrust, CapeUK, Wellcome Trust and others.

In addition to our client work we develop our own branded products and services, focussing on key operational developments that bring innovation to the fields of education, training and personal development.

We welcome contact from organisations wanting to develop or evaluate models of skill and information transfer which suit the needs of 21st century learning.

Current focus

Head-Line applauds and supports the trend towards more research and evidence-based approaches to redefining classroom experience and pedagogy. Our current focus is on educational research projects, conducted both for clients and on our own behalf.

Our strengths

Our development team has always had more than its fair share of original thinkers, and along the way Head-Line has produced an impressive array of innovative and effective learning materials, including the world's first mass-market, interactive multimedia training programmes in the 1980s.