About the company

Head-Line Communication Ltd grew from a communication consultancy set up in 1980 by a group of education and training practitioners determined to bring new, rigorous approaches to the development of training materials and delivery.

The core team take the approach of an engineer... When faced with a new learning or personal development challenge they define it essentially in terms of an unbridged gap – at which point the task becomes essentially that of designing the most appropriate bridge. This approach can lead, and has led, to some highly unorthodox and often counter-intuitive solutions to training problems. Nevertheless, however unorthodox, the solutions actually deliver change where it is required.

Challenges we have overcome

  • Cheap, effective training in high-tech subjects.
  • Provision of effective self-paced independent learning materials.
  • Presentation of complex material on paper and screen to the visually disabled.
  • Cost-effective product support for complex technologies.